Meet Dawn

If a borrower finds that they are in trouble, if they anticipate that they might be losing their job or that they need to sell their home, the best thing they can do is call us. Hi, Dawn Aschenbrenner from Genworth Mortgage Insurance. I had a couple of questions for you, if you don't mind? We see people in every possible circumstance: the've been in a car accident, they've lost a loved one, they've lost their job, and they don't know who to turn to. I wanted to let you know I did finish reviewing your file. It is very rewarding; I get phone calls, I get thank you notes…I've even had a borrower send me flowers. I'll get people who will call me two years later who will say "I still have your name and number, from when you helped me before." And, that's very rewarding because they kept my name and number because they knew I helped them before and they know they can come to me again.

I had a woman with cancer who was behind on her payments, she had missed a lot of work because she was taking chemo treatments. She had two small children to take care of by herself. She was facing foreclosure and she was beside herself not knowing where to turn. I was able to get her in touch with her mortgage company, recommend a solution for her, and get her back on track, and with the circumstances that she was facing the last thing she needed to be worrying about was her mortgage payment. But, she didn't know who to call and I was there, and it - it was… she called me in tears thanking me and it was - it was wonderful. I keep that message on my phone and when I have a bad day I listen to it because I know that that was someone who genuinely needed a help, and I was there.

Genworth Mortgage Insurance offers a safety-net to the borrower. If they ever become delinquent, if they ever face a hardship they've got someone they can call and we will work one on one with them to keep them in their home. Genworth Mortgage Insurance helped the borrower purchase their home, and Genworth Mortgage Insurance is there to help them keep their home.

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